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Product Tips

3 Ways to Level Up Your Sharing in Shift

How to take advantage of distribution lists, link editing, and viewer engagement analytics.

September 1, 2020


Whether you’re working on a high-profile project, collaborating with a large team remotely, or need to impress your client, you need the tools to deliver your work smoothly. That’s why we’re sharing three important features in Shift to help save you time, keep your links updated, and track your progress as you go.

Distribution Lists

Are you always sharing content with the same group of people? Instead of typing their emails one by one, take advantage of Shift’s distribution lists. Save groups of users and non-users for quick sharing. 



To activate this feature, enter your recipients in the Share wizard and select “Save Distribution List.” At any time, click the icon in the bottom-right of the recipients box to manage and view the existing distribution lists on your workspace.

Add or Remove Files from Sent Links

Need to update a sent link with new files? No sweat! It’s easy to add or remove files from an existing link in four simple steps.


  1. Navigate to your Reporting page and find your link.
  2. Select Edit in the action menu to open up the Share wizard.
  3. Click the File tab, and then select Add to open your projects and assets.
  4. Drag and drop assets to add them to the link.* To remove an asset from the link, hover it and click the “x” icon. It’s that simple!

*Note that assets from a watermarked project cannot be added to a public share link.

Viewer Progress Bars in Reporting

Once you’ve sent out a link, it can be important to know not just who viewed your links, but also the level of engagement. Head over to your Reporting dashboard to find all the data you need. 

For a quick glance at who’s watched what, check the Files tab. Here, you’ll find progress bars under each file, so you can see exactly how much of the video each of your viewers have watched. That way, when someone says “I’ve seen it!” you don’t have to take their word for it. 



Your Reporting screen offers many other viewer activity analytics such as geo-location maps of where your links are viewed, and breakdowns of activity by viewer or file. Learn more about Reporting in this short video.


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Jane Zhang is the Product Marketing Manager at Shift. She oversees user onboarding and educates them on how to best use Shift for their workflows. Jane writes product-related updates and features for The Cutaway.
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