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Customer Success Story

How CAVAL Uses Shift to Effectively Manage their Media

Sending files on Google Drive and Slack wasn't working for this team. See how they upgraded their asset organization with Shift.

May 10, 2021


Picture this: you’re the Creative Director for a successful retail company. You manage dozens of campaigns at any given time for a variety of different products, each with its own set of images in your database. The images are in high demand: your social media team uses them for promotion across channels, the marketing team has needs for website and print collateral, and even your customer support team uses imagery to help answer questions for your buyers. All of this results in thousands of assets to organize and manage on a daily basis, which can get chaotic and disorganized quickly. How do you make sure everyone on the team has what they need, and can quickly find the assets they are looking for? 

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The Challenge

This was the challenge laid before Benoit Habfast, the Creative Director of the French sneaker brand CAVAL. CAVAL made a splash on crowdfunding site Indiegogo in 2019, raising capital for their innovative “mismatched sneakers” which are handcrafted in Portugal and now shipped all over the world. Their meteoric success has meant an increased need for marketing campaigns, online storefronts, and social media presence, with massive amounts of photo content being created for all of these different outlets.

Benoit and his team struggled to find an asset management tool that solved all of their problems. They were getting by with files stored on their desktops and a stash of external hard drives. "They were half on my computer, half on some hard drives, and a bit on Google Drive too,” Benoit said. “We would share by sending through Slack or email, but it was a big pain."

They were half on my computer, half on some hard drives, and a bit on Google Drive too. We would share by sending through Slack or email, but it was a big pain.

The CAVAL team needed a centralized image library to easily search and find exactly what they were looking for.

The Solution

That’s when the brand turned to Shift and its organization workflows. Benoit found Shift’s project and folder-based structure, tagging features, and robust search functionality to be the ideal solution for their needs. 

Using tags for media organization

To get started, the Creative team took all of their existing files off of their desktops and hard drives, and uploaded their library of content into the cloud-based Shift platform. Organizing their files into projects and folders was a good place to start, but they found that using tags was the real key to unlocking the full potential of the system. 

As new content is continually added to their Shift account, they have established a system for uploading where tagging assets is just another part of their day-to-day process. With Shift’s bulk-tagging feature, it’s simple for the team to add relevant tags as new content is uploaded into their projects. After drag-and-dropping batches of related content into the system, the team multi-selects all of the new assets and labels all of them with relevant tags in one easy step. 


Implementing an effective tagging system

When considering how to best organize their content with tags, the CAVAL team wanted a system that eliminated overlaps and required as few tags as possible. They decided on the MECE Principle to structure their image tags, an organizational framework that can be used for solving complex problems and managing overwhelming amounts of information. 

Using this structure to guide his tagging in Shift, Benoit settled on four essential tags that would effectively organize every single image in their account. “E-commerce” and “creative” are the first tags to be added to any given asset, differentiating between images intended for the online storefront versus images for a creative marketing campaign. “Model” and “packshot” are the second layer of tags, indicating whether the image has a person wearing the sneakers or just the sneakers alone. 

With only these tags, Benoit’s team has built an organizational structure within Shift that breaks down their entire content library into four simple image categories.

With only these tags, Benoit’s team has built an organizational structure within Shift that breaks down their entire content library into four simple image categories. Supplemental tags for product name, reference number, and special campaigns like “Valentine’s Day” are added on top of these four major categories to further distinguish individual images.


Searching for assets by tag

With an organized tagging structure implemented, CAVAL’s Shift users can easily and intuitively search for assets in their account. Using Shift’s advanced Global Search, they can quickly pull up the content they’re looking for by selecting single tags or a combination of tags from a picklist. Other filtering options are available as well, including who the asset(s) were uploaded by and the date of creation. Using this system, users can narrow their thousands of assets down to a select few by searching for only three or four distinct keywords, rather than navigating through layers and layers of a folder tree structure.  

Search Function - CAVAL


Getting their images off of a hard drive and into Shift’s cloud-based media management platform gave the CAVAL team the power and independence to know exactly what kind of assets they needed, and exactly where to go to find them. As Benoit explained, “Now, we don’t ask on email or Slack anymore, ‘Hey can you send me that file.’

I can organize, find, and share my files very easily with Shift. By using the tagging system, I’ve been able to work more efficiently with the whole team.

We know where to find that file, there’s just one place to find everything.” Solving this problem allows them to focus on their high-level creative projects, new campaigns, and marketing strategies without being bogged down by asset management as a full-time job. 

If you’re looking to level up your team’s organization workflow in a scalable way, sign up for a free 14-day trial of Shift.

Grace Amodeo is a Content Marketing Manager at Shift. She is a graduate of Emerson College, where she studied film with a concentration in directing narrative fiction. Grace lives in Los Angeles.
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