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A Better Way to Organize Your Media

Meet your new creative workflow in Shift Projects

May 1, 2020


Over the past year, we’ve received a ton of feedback from our Shift users and customers using our legacy platforms MediaSilo and Wiredrive on what they want to see in a media management system. The most common themes were metadata file-tagging, better global search and navigation, and smaller file tiles to make better use of screen space.

Good news: We’ve solved for all of those requests — and more! Take a look at Shift’s new and improved Projects. It’s the most secure and user-friendly asset management platform you’ll find to manage your content at scale. 

Here are the five major improvements you’ll see in Shift Projects.

1. New navigation, global search, and resizable sidebars

The first step to a productive workflow is a clean interface. You’ll notice that the project header collapses as you scroll, and folder tiles are now condensed. The new top navigation includes back and forward buttons, and the search bar helps you find what you need no matter which page you’re on in Projects. Plus, the left and right sidebars are resizable, so you can stretch your folder tree to reveal long folder names or hide it altogether for a more minimalist look and feel.

2. List view and resizable file tiles 

List view is here! That’s right — now you can get a more compact view of your files. In both gallery and list view, you can customize your page size and the number of asset tiles that appear on the page. In gallery view, you can also adjust the size of asset tiles.

3. New upload manager

Here, we’ve kept the best features intact: Shift still offers private network uploading, so you can enjoy faster upload speeds than the rest of the Internet. We’ve added the option to open a file’s asset detail page or its file location directly from the Upload Manager, once the upload is done processing. 

Need to move or copy files between folders and projects? You can still do that by dragging single or multiple files and dropping them onto the folder tree.

4. Metadata tagging

Projects 4 - Metadata


When you have hundreds or thousands of files, it’s important for your team to know how to find the right ones at the right time. That’s why we introduced metadata tagging. In addition to plaintext tags, you can now create categories like location, director, and client. Set your categories and tags and quickly find files with the advanced search and filters on every page.

5. In-line Team and Settings tabs  

To make things easier for admins and project owners, we took what previously lived in the Edit Project pop-up window and created a new home for it in your new Team and Settings tabs. Use the Team tab to view, add, or delete project members or to change their roles.

Settings is where you can brand your project thumbnail and banner images, as well as manage things like lifecycle policies and SafeStream (our real-time, personalized watermarking feature for keeping your content cybersecure) if you’re on a paid account.

Explore all these changes and more by logging into app.shift.io. Don’t have a Shift account yet? Sign up for a free account or reach out to sales@shift.io with any questions. 

Jane Zhang is the Product Marketing Manager at Shift. She oversees user onboarding and educates them on how to best use Shift for their workflows. Jane writes product-related updates and features for The Cutaway.
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