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How DEFINITION 6 makes award-winning work with MediaSilo

June 29, 2023


CLIOs. Tellys. EMMY'S. DEFINITION 6 knows what award-winning work looks like because they've produced it. Chris Reinhart, the SVP of Post-Production for DEFINITION 6's Entertainment Business Unit, has helped lead their team to win multiple Daytime Emmy Awards for his work on Sesame Street, in addition to a Sports Emmy for editing ABC's coverage of the 90th Anniversary of the Indianapolis 500. Behind many of these awards, Chris and his team continually rely on MediaSilo to craft compelling stories and bring their client's work to the finish line. 

Before MediaSilo, Chris and his team constructed their own in-house approval system, in which they would manually digitize their individual video assets and upload them to their site. This process was burdensome and not sustainable. The digital asset management world was evolving, and Chris knew they needed to find a solution that allowed them to seamlessly work on multiple projects at a time and expedite the completion rate of their work to their client's satisfaction. Having worked with MediaSilo in the past, Chris knew it was a tool that could improve their post-production workflows. Chris led his team to make the switch to begin using MediaSilo for their entire Audio/Visual needs

"DEFINITION 6 navigates hundreds of versions of assets across dozens of clients with MediaSilo, and it's incredibly straightforward."

DEFINITION 6's work ranges from short promotional ads to documentaries. The lifecycle of their projects varies from a couple weeks to several months. Regardless of project length, the workflows are roughly the same. As content is being shot on location or in a studio, cuts are uploaded to MediaSilo and securely shared with external stakeholders and clients for their actionable feedback and approval in MediaSilo Review Links. During the review and approval process, the editors at DEFINITION 6 will make the necessary revisions to the cuts and then send those back to the customers to take a look at. Additionally, inside the customer Review Links, Chris is able to "stack" multiple cuts on top of each other inside the original link for the client to easily swap between the original asset and the new, edited versions to see if the correct changes were applied. Without this feature, client work can get lost in the shuffle and force clients or execs to go digging in a sea of links and emails in order to tell if their feedback was addressed properly. MediaSilo ensures clients can view all their content and feedback in a single, easy-to-navigate location. 



With MediaSilo, Chris and his team have the ability and confidence to work on dozens of client projects simultaneously while keeping all their work organized and moving in the right direction. For Chris personally, he loves to be able to seamlessly switch between his projects at DEFINITION 6 and into his other customer's MediaSilo workspaces and projects without needing to log out and back in under a different user name. The lack of workspace switching capabilities could take up valuable time better spent on their work. 

In addition, MediaSilo's ease of use for their customers and clients keeps Chris and his team relying on it project after project. Onboarding new users and employees added to their workspace takes very little training time, which makes transitioning from project to project effortless. And MediaSilo's powerful mobile app allows users to put their work in their pocket and take it on the road while providing peace of mind that their assets are secure. 

Chris emphasized DEFINITION 6 works with some of the most globally well-known clients and influential brands in the Media & Entertainment world today. If a piece of media, big or small, is leaked or put in the wrong hands, it could have drastic consequences for all parties involved. Time and time again, their trust is placed in MediaSilo to securely store and share their assets with only the intended users. MediaSilo's SOC 2 Compliance not only gave Chris and his team peace of mind regarding their client's work but also gave DEFINITION 6 the confidence to broaden its user base and implement the MediaSilo platform into other departments in their organization, such as Production, Casting and Sales. This grew MediaSilo as not only a place to collaborate on their work-in-progress projects but also a platform to serve as a library to organize and store their finished work. Furthermore, DEFINITION 6's MediaSilo users are spread out across different project bases, from Entertainment to Public Relations Projects. MediaSilo allows administrators on the DEFINITION 6 workspace, such as Chris, the ability to strictly govern which users have access to which files to make sure all their work is secure and in the right hands. 

"You want the thing you're gonna do over and over again to be reliable and as simple as possible."

At the end of the day, Chris emphasized that cool new features can only go so far with any platform, and the most important aspect that continues to bring him and his team back to MediaSilo project after project is its reliability. According to their Chief Engineer Luis Albritton, DEFINITION 6 uploaded over 10,000 assets, sent nearly 7,000 review links and hosted almost 24,000 viewers of their content in MediaSilo during 2022 alone.

Additionally, Chris pointed out that they send roughly 50-60 MediaSilo review links per day to one of their top clients. With numbers like this, it is imperative for MediaSilo to consistently be a platform that is both reliable and secure. DEFINITION 6 has put their trust in MediaSilo for over half a decade to reach deadlines and keep their clients coming back for all their Media and Entertainment needs. MediaSilo continues to be a tool that checks all the boxes for DEFINITION 6, and we hope to continue this partnership for many more projects and awards to come.


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