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Insights in MediaSilo - All Your Activity in One Place

Go from raw instinct to real intelligence with MediaSilo Insights

September 8, 2021
7 minute read

Example of Shift Insights

Content creators put a lot of effort into presenting their work the way they’d like it to be seen, but what happens if the right people aren’t looking?

Add in the fact that your films, videos, creative assets, and pitch decks can be seen on mobile, laptops, tablets, and desktops and can be shared, streamed, and tagged, and it quickly becomes hard to track who is seeing what content where. And, perhaps most importantly, why some content trends more than others.

That’s why the team at MediaSilo has come together to create an all-in-one reporting dashboard to help you measure value, track consumption, and calculate ROI for all of your creative content.

The result?

MediaSilo’s Insights dashboard gives each member of your team the power to dissect data on specific content, weave together trends from across your portfolio, and paint a picture of who your audience is and the types of content they love to consume. Even better? You can customize the data you are looking for to see exactly what you need. 

So what does deploying MediaSilo’s Insights mean for each of your teams, and how can they use it to drive next-level value?

Gain Insights for Every Team

From production and sales to editing and content security, Insights puts powerful reporting tools, filters, and analytics at your fingertips, giving every team member the ability to track, understand, and act on your content’s performance.


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Use data to help sales and marketing educate, iterate, and win business.

Take a deep dive into your content’s viewership back to day one to see what is resonating with your audience, tagging content with filters and features that can be summarized to enlighten your team and fuel data-driven decisions about what and who to target next.

MediaSilo’s Insights can also help your team keep track of prospects and the types of content that is resonating with them, providing personalized data that can be used to facilitate new connections with potential buyers when they are most engaged. 

Finally, step into your customer’s shoes during a sales pitch in real time with viewer-level reporting. Take the feedback to improve your sales pitch and present your most impactful content at the forefront.

Empower production to engage, track, and collaborate.

Looking for additional opportunities to streamline your production lifecycle and amplify the impact of each contribution?

Use Insights to track team viewership across the production lifecycle to develop a deeper understanding of internal engagement with your content to refine your workflows and identify choke points. 

Your team can then use the data to remove barriers, hold team members accountable for meeting their timelines, and consolidate engagement and feedback data whether they’re sitting in the office or participating in remote collaboration across the globe. 

Waiting for feedback from colleagues or collaborators? Use Insights to discover who is reviewing which assets and who might need a reminder.

Understand, optimize, and evolve content security.

With team members on the go and using a range of platforms, security has never been so critical.

Leverage the power of Insights to validate your security controls to confirm that your content stays in the hands of your intended audience and know the exact point when data began to flow outside of your area of trust, complete with viewer locations on an interactive map. 


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Seeing content behavior that you don’t like? Pivot your content security on the fly by editing expiration dates, password protection, or presentation and link settings in the dashboard.

Take Production to the Next Level with MediaSilo

Your team works hard to make the best creative content possible for your customers, clients, and audience to enjoy. 

Every word, image, and frame has been carefully crafted to be impactful and engaging, so why would you depend on your best guess as to what will strike a chord with your viewers? 

When it comes to taking your content to the next level, don’t guess. Drive an intelligent content strategy with Insights.

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Grace Amodeo is the Marketing Manager at Shift Media. She is a graduate of Emerson College, where she studied film with a concentration in directing narrative fiction. Grace lives in Los Angeles.
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