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Tackling content sharing with MediaSilo

Learn how one sports giant secured a winning workflow for their video content.

May 4, 2023


A major sports league recently came to us desperately seeking a solution for secure external sharing to media outlets and stakeholders. Lacking a solution with the necessary metadata and user management capabilities to support their workflow, this global sports property was constantly slowed down by their chaotic workflow.

With hundreds of media partners requiring quick access to work-in-progress and finished content, the client's post-production leadership quickly grew frustrated with how slowly they managed assets and distributed files. Their cumbersome existing solution restricted their ability to leverage their cloud storage (featuring their entire library). It also lacked customizable permissions, including private projects and user-specific access levels. These issues revealed security weaknesses and led to frustrated media partners. Given the complexity of their media sharing structure, this league needed a solution and partner who would allow them to integrate and simplify their workflows, not rebuild it to fit an off-the-shelf piece of software.

The league quickly saw MediaSilo as the perfect fit for their needs. With the ability to transfer metadata and files seamlessly from their DAM, the organization could easily bring in timely content and make it easily discoverable through MediaSilo's robust search capabilities

With MediaSilo, the league achieved:

  • All work-in-progress and finished assets in one common collaboration HQ 
  • The ability to drill down to user-level requirements across files and projects to fit individual partner needs
  • The ability to utilize existing cloud storage to limit redundancy of storage and efforts

MediaSilo eliminates delays on asset delivery, which makes sports leagues and their fans happy.


Our client accelerated delivery times and simplified their workflow with important media partners, making the post-production leadership team happy, along with nearly 200 million fans always looking for the latest content. They also eliminated storage redundancies, saving valuable man-hours and costs. MediaSilo helped them reduce the risk of uncontrolled access to specific projects and files for unauthorized guests, reducing the ever-growing piracy concerns the sports industry faces today. The client also has access to round-the-clock product support from our dedicated team of specialists, ensuring their video workflows always run smoothly. 

MediaSilo now provides this league a powerful platform for managing and sharing their media assets, enabling them to work more efficiently and effectively with their partners and stakeholders. From collaboration to distribution, our platform has everything you need to create and share high-quality sports video content with ease.

Take your sports video workflow to the next level. 


MediaSilo allows for easy management of your media files, seamless collaboration for critical feedback and out of the box synchronization with your timeline for efficient changes. See how MediaSilo is powering modern post production workflows with a 14-day free trial.