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Why Your Post-Production Team Needs MediaSilo’s Personalized Watermark Tech

February 17, 2022

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The media and entertainment industries have long been popular targets for piracy and intellectual property theft. In today’s technology-centric environment, where video streaming and cloud sharing are essential parts of day-to-day life, securing video assets throughout production, post-production, and beyond has become more important than ever.

When content is leaked before it has reached its final, release-ready form, not only does the content owner lose out on revenue and future ROI, but your organization risks damage to its reputation from the release of a low-quality product and not prioritizing client security.

Why Watermark Tech is Important in the Media and Entertainment Industries

Video piracy and leaked content cost the entertainment industry billions of dollars every year. In fact, in some countries, pirated content accounts for almost half of all the video content being viewed in those regions. 

To help prevent theft and leaks, post-production teams rely on a core group of security tools and cyber hygiene protocols, including security certifications, role-based provisioning, identity and access management, and digital watermarking. 

Watermarking is a highly effective way to prevent the unauthorized release and distribution of video content and track who is actually viewing and sharing the content. 

In addition to protecting and securing content during the post-production process, watermarking has the added benefit of increasing brand awareness with your centrally placed logo and business name on every video and link.  


Why Choose MediaSilo’s SafeStream Watermark Tech for Post-Production

One of MediaSilo’s many enterprise-grade security features is SafeStream, a highly effective, tamper-resistant watermarking tool. SafeStream provides additional layers of protection against asset theft and misuse with two different types of watermarking tech:

1. Visible Watermarking

Visible watermarks are the most overt type of watermarking. These watermarks are placed clearly in a video to provide a traceable, visual deterrent intended to make potential bad actors rethink sharing confidential, proprietary content.

Visual watermarks can be customized to include the authorized viewer’s full name, email address, or custom text.

2. Forensic Watermarking

Forensic watermarks are digitally embedded into a video, so the unique characters that identify the video’s origin are invisible to the viewer. If a video is later leaked, forensic watermarks allow security teams to trace back the source of the leaked footage.

Used alone, forensic watermarks protect content while creating an uninterrupted user experience for viewers. However, many administrators choose to use forensic watermarking in conjunction with visual watermarks for a double layer of security.

Benefits of Securing Your Video Content with SafeStream

In addition to visible and forensic watermarks, SafeStream provides MediaSilo users with several other features and capabilities that make it easy to watermark video content for secure viewing and sharing throughout the post-production workflow: 

  • SafeStream watermarking can be mandated at the project or admin level by enforcing an embedded watermark template across the organization.
  • The watermark template is set as a default by an administrator and cannot be turned off by users.
  • SafeStream provides the option to allow both administrator and project owner roles to manage watermarking or limit permissions to just admins to enforce full compliance.
  • Authorized users can apply default watermarking templates or create their own custom template using viewer names, emails, or custom text
  • Administrators can track who views watermarked videos at any time, which makes it easier to find the source of leaked assets and the unauthorized users who download them.

The MediaSilo cloud collaboration platform is designed to streamline and secure your video management workflow with one integrated solution. SafeStream watermark tech is just one way we achieve this. 

Download MediaSilo’s Guide to Post-Production Workflows to learn more about how post-production is evolving in the era of remote work and how you can increase efficiency, productivity, and security no matter where your team is located.