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Customer Success Story

InSync PLUS Redefines Secure Sharing for the Advertising Industry

Learn how they enhanced their workflows with Shift to produce creative content for world-renowned studios and networks.

December 16, 2020


We spoke with Patrick Esposito, COO at InSync PLUS, to learn how the Shift platform has met their needs during the remote-work era.

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InSync PLUS (ISP) is a full-service creative agency that pushes artistic potential and develops content for entertainment’s biggest brands. The team partners with the industry’s largest studios and networks to produce compelling trailers, TV spots, and digital campaigns to support feature films and shows, including Ford vs Ferrari, Jurassic World, and Goliath.

Their integrated, personalized approach to client services brings them into daily contact with designers, production, and advertising companies with high expectations for professionalism and security.


The Challenge: Securely adapting to new workflows in changing times

InSync PLUS has been a member of the Shift family since 2011 as a Wiredrive customer. Their team of editors, producers, and creative directors used Wiredrive alongside Aspera and Box to securely receive and deliver media in their on-site offices with centralized storage and security policies. Their typical workflow included sending media links to studio executives for review and approval, then discussing feedback on a phone or Zoom call. Wiredrive is a media collaboration platform that was acquired by Shift (previously MediaSilo) in 2017.

"The most important part of what we provide to our clients is the empathy and sympathy that we understand their needs.”
-Patrick Esposito, Chief Operating Officer at InSync PLUS

Those traditional workflows began to evolve when remote work became the industry standard due to the COVID-19 pandemic. InSync PLUS’s COO, Patrick Esposito, explained how one of the agency's top priorities is ensuring that their clients know their unreleased content remains safe at all times. Supporting these values with the evolving production climate became more critical than ever before.

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The Solution: Shift’s turn-key, robust security and sharing features

The InSync PLUS team discovered the Shift platform in June 2020 after connecting with their Customer Success Manager. They soon learned it answered to their clients’ changing needs and began to migrate from Wiredrive to Shift’s upgraded experience. Here’s how it offers a complete and secure solution for the agency's team and their clients:

Simple, secure login

Each time a new project begins, InSync PLUS administrators and project managers add their clients as Shift users to access work-in-progress. Client users can securely log in using their email and a magic link to access their ready-to-review content. Magic links are a form of authentication that provides additional security and eliminates the need to remember yet another password.


Full media protection

To share media for review and approval, the InSync PLUS team will usually send private links to their clients. A private link requires the link recipient to authenticate to their Shift account before the content can be accessed, providing a nearly-foolproof way to prevent unauthorized access.

Depending on the scenario, an ISP team member will either hand-select a playlist of files or pick a project or folder they’d like to share in a private link. They grant their clients access by simply typing in their names as recipients, and a unique link gets generated, which can be sent either directly by email or can be copied to paste and share elsewhere.


Turn-key branding

“Spotlight just makes my links look better.”
- Lori Marchildon, Digital Producer at InSync PLUS

Project or folder links will automatically update with the latest media in their location. They also utilize Shift’s Spotlight feature, which provides additional branding options for their links with pre-designed, fully customizable templates. 


Customizable user access

Shift’s granular user permission model offers ISP’s administrators and project owners full security oversight; they can assign custom roles to their users on a per-project basis. In ISP’s case, client users are assigned roles with permissions to view and download content within their respective projects, while the ability to share, upload, and delete content is reserved for internal team members. If a user is not assigned to a project, they will not see that project in Shift.

ISP’s custom roles allow their internal users to directly invite clients to one or more projects, rather than sharing individual projects or folders as private links. This streamlines the client’s experience as they can then access all their ISP projects in one central place within Shift.

Overall, the structure ensures ISP’s clients can access the content they need, while modifying the content can only be done by their team.


Easy adoption of the user-friendly interface

After InSync PLUS’s trial Shift account was activated in June 2020, the team met internally, explored the platform, and scheduled a personalized call with their Customer Success Manager.

By August 2020, the ISP creative team had started to use Shift in place of Wiredrive for the majority of their new projects. They settled comfortably into the new platform and pointed out how they especially enjoy the user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. COO Patrick Esposito noted how smooth the transition has been as a whole and feels at ease with the upgraded workflow.

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With Shift, InSync PLUS can now operate at full capacity with a 100% remote team. With its benefits, the agency has been able to:Screen Shot 2020-12-06 at 3.58.46 PM

Using Shift, they will continue to write their legacy with groundbreaking marketing campaigns and successfully move into the future.

“Shift helps us continue to guarantee our clients’ security during the COVID pandemic.”
- Patrick Esposito, COO

Julie Neumeister is a Customer Marketing Manager at Shift and a true advocate for great customer experiences. Having worked closely with clients at the company since 2017, she has an extensive knowledge of use cases and workflows tied to Shift’s portfolio of products. Julie also brings a strong technical background working with a variety of software products before joining Shift and holds a B.S. from California State University, Chico.
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